Above Edge 2023 Conference was a Success!

The Above EDGE 2023 edition FACTORY SHARPENING PRACTICES AND PROFESSIONAL SELLING CONFERENCE was a remarkable three-day event that provided attendees with a wealth of learning experiences and skill development. From the early hours, participants were immersed in a world of knowledge and practical insights.

The first day began with an energizing start, with registration, greetings, and team member introductions, setting a collaborative tone for the event. Throughout the day, the conference featured an array of captivating presentations and demonstrations, such as Chao Wei’s deep dive into shear design and development and Hong Zhu’s engaging functional shear demos. These were complemented by sessions from industry experts like Bonnie Megowan, who shared essential insights on launching a sharpening business, and the Above Factory team, who revealed the art of turning metal into finely crafted shears. Moreover, attendees had the unique opportunity to explore factory sharpening techniques and practices, such as Convex-Edge and Ride-Line, all directly from the experts at Above Factory. The day concluded with a momentous “New Products Demo, Release, & Announcement,” and optional “Round Table Q&A” sessions allowed for further exchange of ideas and expertise. Without distractions, the conference was an ideal platform for participants to immerse themselves in learning and professional growth, leaving them better equipped to excel in their craft.

The second day of the conference commenced with an early start at 7:30 am, setting the stage for another day of immersive learning experiences. Following a brief “Review of Hot-Points” at 9:00 am, participants dove deep into the world of competition management with a session led by Jim O’Donnell, the President of On the Edge. Jim’s insights on “How to Deal with your Competition” offered attendees valuable strategies for staying ahead in a competitive industry, helping them refine their business approaches and strengthen their competitive edge.

The day continued with a series of Factory Sharpening Techniques & Practices sessions, provided by the Above Factory experts. Attendees had the privilege to explore Setting and Hollow Grinding techniques, delving into the intricacies of shear maintenance and sharpening. The in-depth exploration of these practices not only enhanced their technical skills but also instilled a sense of confidence and mastery in their craft. The day’s agenda also featured a session on Polishing techniques, further elevating the level of expertise among participants. Tessa Koenig, the Owner of Sweet Pea Grooming, shared her expertise in Pet Grooming using Curve Shears, offering a unique perspective for those interested in this specialized field. The day concluded with a valuable “Group Sharpening Practices” session, fostering a sense of camaraderie among attendees, and a final “Q&A” session that allowed participants to clarify any remaining doubts and concerns. This second day of the conference continued to be a rich source of learning and professional growth, emphasizing the importance of honing one’s skills in the competitive world of shear maintenance and sales.

The Above EDGE 2023 also featured an enlightening session by Alex Lee, the Vice President of Above Shears. His presentation, titled “Helping you Succeed-Sales with Shears’ Knowledge” Alex Lee shared invaluable insights into the art of selling shears and how to succeed in this competitive industry. His expertise and guidance on the intricacies of sales techniques and strategies left attendees with a deep understanding of how to effectively market and sell shears. Alex Lee’s session was a true testament to the conference’s commitment to enhancing the professional selling skills of the participants, making it an essential component of this comprehensive and enlightening event.

The third and final day of the conference continued the tradition of early starts at 7:30 am, maintaining the intense focus on professional development. After a “Continental Breakfast” that energized participants, the morning began with a unique and creative session focused on “Photo-Taking.” This innovative approach aimed to enhance participants’ visual presentation skills, an essential aspect of selling and promoting shears effectively.

The day then transitioned to an exciting “Concept Shears Show,” where attendees were treated to a visually stunning showcase of innovative and unique shear designs. This was followed by a session on “Professional Selling Skills” by Chao Wei, President of Above Shears. His expertise further enriched participants’ understanding of the art of selling shears. After a brief coffee break at 11:00 am, attendees gathered to explore “Selling by Effective Scheduling” with Randy Levin, the Vice President of NBTSG. This session offered valuable strategies for optimizing sales through efficient time management. Alex Lee, Vice President of Above Shears, then returned to share more of his insights on “Helping you Succeed-Sales with Shears’ Knowledge,” solidifying the sales skills of participants. After a hearty “Buffet Lunch,” the day continued with certification sessions, highlighting the commitment to skill development and industry recognition. The event culminated with a “Panel, Discussion & Conclusion” session, providing a platform for attendees to exchange ideas and bring their three-day journey to a fruitful close. The third day of the conference underscored the importance of visual presentation, effective scheduling, and advanced selling skills in the world of shears, providing attendees with a strong foundation to thrive in their profession.

Thank you so much to everyone for joining us and for your continued support!