Handcrafted from Premium Cobalt Steel

The level of Above’s craftsmanship is not just rare, but simply beyond measure. Above shears is inspired and crafted by our highly talented and skilled craftsmen, and it believes in the magic of handcrafting, for each shear turns out with a different edge to fit the hairdresser for a different cutting technique.
However, it is no surprise that a majority of hairdressers put more value on the metal of their shears. The truth is that craftsmanship goes hand in hand with the metal to form a masterpiece. This is the reason why Above is working with world-class steel companies to customize the steel for hair-cutting shears that generate significant amount of benefits.

Above Shears is made from AG16 (ABOVE GOLD 16) metal, which contains 1.6% cobalt and many other elements to maintain the steel’s hardness and longevity. AG16 is considered a superior scissoring steel used for higher end hair-cutting shears, which translates to better haircutting performance. Furthermore, it has a higher hardness (HRC) that results in a two times higher edge retention rate than the regular Japanese 440C steel.

SteelsRegular 440CAG 16
COUNTS (approx.)150,000300,000
Hardness (HRC)
Before forging

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