Above Thermal Blow Dry Round Hair Brush

Model Number: A6248

$26.50 USD



Introducing our new Thermal Blow Dry Round Hair Brush, designed for professional stylists seeking top-tier performance and convenience. Crafted with synthetic bristles and smart metal bases, these brushes are your trusted partner for efficient and effective hairstyling.

Our brushes feature synthetic bristles that are gentle on hair while ensuring even heat distribution. They mimic natural hair texture for a smooth glide through strands, making styling a breeze.

What sets us apart is the metal base in each brush, which naturally heats up as you blow dry. This eliminates the need for extra heating tools, saving you time and effort. With these brushes, you have precise control to shape, curl, and volumize hair with ease.

And that’s not all – we’ve taken comfort and convenience to the next level with an ergonomic wooden handle. Designed with stylists in mind, it ensures a comfortable grip during long sessions and allows for effortless maneuverability. Plus, the thoughtfully integrated ventilation holes in the handle keep your hand cool and comfortable, even during high-heat styling. Elevate your hairstyling experience with our Thermal Blow Dry Round Hair Brush – where innovation, practicality, and comfort come together to create outstanding results for both you and your clients.

Elevate your styling game with our Thermal Blow Dry Round Hair Brushes – where innovation meets practicality for outstanding hairstyling results.


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