Fancy looking shear does not translate to good but hand crafted shear does. The key to optimum performance is exceptional craftsmanship. Above shears are expertly crafted for excellence and durability.


Most quality shears are 440C which is a blend of all sort of different molybdenum alloys, especially cobalt. In general, the more cobalt contained in the steel construction, the better the shears. Above shears are always constructed of the finest steel alloy.


A steel hardness (Rockwell Hardness) of 55 is an industry average. The harder the metal, the longer the edge will last. Cutting is best done with a shear that is harder, especially dry cutting. Above has mastered the skill of achieving the precise level of hardness for maximum durability while maintaining a smooth cut.


In general, wider blades will perform more efficiently with dry cutting and larger hair sections. Narrower blades perform with wet cutting and smaller hair sections.

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