• Warranty: 30 days money-back guarantee after sharpening.
  • Authenticity: Factory Certified Professionals only.
  • Delivery: 3 Business days priority mail delivery after receiving your shear(s).
  • Cost-effective: Only $39 includes shipping and possible spare parts.
  • Convenience: We will mail you an envelope with a returning label.
  • Just pack in your shear(s) and drop it off at the closest mailbox or post office.

ABOVE EDGE ensures the right sharpening for every single pair of shears.
In general, ABOVE Shears should be sharpened after 800 cuts or every 6 months.
If you notice hair pull, slicing issues, hair folding at the tip, or sudden tiredness and ache
(usually your hands) while cutting, it’s time to sharpen your shears.

ABOVE EDGE proudly uses professional equipment, abrasives, and polishing compounds for sharpening services. The process is hand-honed, allowing us to precisely reset or replace any parts for free in the process. Your shears will be thoroughly cleaned, disassembled, inspected, and tested for any possible damage and defects. The final product is oiled, balanced, and tested to guarantee perfect functionality and sharpness.

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