What makes Above Shears so exceptionally sharp

Above Shears wants to be wise and reserve the right to be wrong. There are three key processes determine a high-end shear: the steel, the forging process, and the craftsmanship. All things are relative. In reality, each process carries unique weight but craftsmanship is the most crucial aspect.

Cookery seems to be a good example that helps the clients understand the relationship between the steel, forging process and craftsmanship. It is just like if you are going to cook a steak: the cut and quality of the steak are the metal, the cooking aspect is the forging process, and the cook is simply the craftsman.

Steel + Forging + Craftsmanship = Above Shears

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Same goes for crafting a top-notch shear, as the forging process and craftsmanship rely on the metal to deliver the desired hardness and longevity. While Above Shears wants to emphasize the significance of every step in shear crafting, it also strongly encourages its customers to test Above Shears before purchasing. You have to in it to win it.

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