Curly Hair Cutting Tips from the Experts

Here are some crucial pointers to remember if you don’t frequently cut curls to make sure you get your clients’ desired hairstyles.

To see the natural shape, shake out their hair.
You should observe how your client’s hair naturally falls before trimming. Many stylists skip this important step, which may significantly change any curly cut. Ask your customer to turn over and shake out their hair with their hands. Any partings or clumps that you might not be able to perceive will be softer as a result. After that, you can examine their curl patterns as their curls show their natural falling posture. Do not comb your client’s hair instead of shaking it out. Your haircut will change as a result of the curls being stretched out of their natural shape.

Don’t Use A Dry Comb To Untangle Curls
Curls need to be well-hydrated in order to stay defined and bouncy. By brushing with a leave-in product on your comb, you may seal in the moisture. By using this method of detangling, you can easily see how the texture pattern develops, making it simpler to trim the individual curls. After the cut is finished, add finger coils or use the shingling technique to personalise their locks. You will shape and define the curls using the style product on your hands rather than your comb.

Never assume that your clients wear their hair curly
The secret to a custom cut? It’s important to find out if your client wears their hair straight or natural on a daily basis. The manner your customer wears their hair most frequently should be the style you cut it.

This is why:

Hair cut while curly will have an uneven, jagged form if your client wears their hair straight. In addition, you’ll probably overlook all of their ends, all of which need a decent trim.
You will have a significant shrinkage issue if your client wears their hair curly but you cut it straight. This will almost certainly result in you cutting your client’s hair shorter than they requested. Additionally, you’ll lose any shape or structure that clients with curly hair seek.

Find out what they want from their hair: natural volume or defined curls?
Curl definition is usually so pleasing, yet it occasionally detracts from the look’s richness. No matter if they are after crisp coils or more volume, keep your attention on the ultimate result.

Observe the following:

When you’re cutting, consider how they’ll style their hair because it will affect how you section it and where you part it. Aside from that, it will be easier to see where to cut and where to avoid. Do they scrape their curls into place or fluff their hair upward?

For instance, you would trim for volume to lift the hair up or forward if your client wore their hair in a triangle, square, or circle shape. look at Michelle’s

Do: Remove Weight At The Ends
If your client doesn’t want a blunt cut, gradually thin out the ends, for a softer overall shape. Since curls create more body, we want to slightly reduce some density at the ends with our scissors. Even if they don’t want layers, this extra touch blends the cut all together seamlessly.

Source: Behind the Chair.